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Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is one of the routine procedures our vet practice offers to dairy and beef herds, and one of the most valued. Using manual skills and ultrasound technology we can determine pregnancy status with a high level of accuracy, particularly if the test is done between 6 and 14 weeks post mating.


Pregnancy testing is useful for a range of reasons, such as:

  • Determining whether a cow is pregnant or not
  • Predicting calving date. This will assist with
    • Management decisions around cow condition at dry off
    • Culling decisions if a cow is late or empty
  • Assessing herd fertility performance
    • How many cows are in calf, and when?
    • Were any interventions during mating successful?
  • Identifying herd fertility problems
  • Adding value to information for sale of cows.


Having accurate mating information will help the vet be more accurate and quick. We can assist with retrieving information from MINDA before pregnancy testing and can also enter the results into MINDA afterwards if required.

Deciding what sort of information you require will help define when you should be pregnancy testing. If done well, pregnancy testing can become a vital part of your farm performance, improvement and profitability.