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Lameness can become an overwhelming disease. Treatment of it is time intensive and costly, and there often welfare concerns with prolonged or unresolved cases. The incidence often peaks at very busy times of year, such as the mating season. It takes an experienced operator 15-20 minutes to deal with each lame cow case in good working conditions, so it is easy to see how a lame mob in excess of 20 cows could quickly get you down.



Lameness is a management disease – they actually get it from people – or the result of our activity! There are several factors that work together to influence the type and incidence of lameness:

  • Climate, eg wet conditions leading to muddy paddocks, laneways, yards
  • Physical facilities such as farm races, feedpads, stand-off areas
  • Movement of cows, eg long walks to feed, time on yards and feedpads, flow through the cowshed and extra activity during the mating season.
  • Human factors such as rushing and impatience. Using dogs to shift the cows, forcing cows with the backing gate during milking.
  • Nutrition and Trace elements



Vets can deal with routine lameness work quickly and efficiently, getting the treatment right first time. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for any help with lame cows or further advice.



Effective control programs reduce the time and cost involved in dealing with herd lameness. It requires managing the key risk factors affecting your individual farm and monitoring lameness levels/types to get an accurate picture of what is happening on farm.  

The true cost of lameness is in the hundreds of dollars per case, so it is worthwhile ensuring you have strategies to keep lameness under control.


Healthy Hoof

Lameness Control Programs such as Healthy Hoof in New Zealand provide a structured, systematic approach to lameness control and prevention. We are a registered Healthy Hoof provider, so if the level of lameness in your herd is frustrating or you are losing good cows through lameness give us a call. For more information, click on the link below.



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