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Body Condition Scoring

Body Condition Scoring is an important tool for assessing a cow’s energy reserves and should be an integral part of all farm’s management system. Crucial times to score herds are prior to calving, prior to mating, mid lactation and prior to drying off.

Body condition scoring is valuable for both individuals (such as a minimum BCS required for transport) or for herds. For herds, there are clear targets at critical times of the season, which if not achieved, will impact on herd production and reproduction.

Cows which remain within the ideal BCS zone throughout the year are proven to have significantly better milk production and reproductive performance. The benefits from optimising BCS can influences reproduction and production over multiple seasons and could be as much as $200 per cow per year.

DairyNZ has established a standardised body condition score program to ensure consistency and reliability across the country. It ensures 8 key points of the animal are assessed and enough animals are scored to ensure we get meaningful information. We have 2 vets who are accredited with DairyNZ, and carry out routine Body Condition Scoring. We have been used for a range of purposes including:

  • Assisting feed decisions at critical times of year
  • Drying off management
  • Herd sales requirements
  • Assessment of cow welfare

Body Condition Scoring is a critical management tool on farm. Some farmers can do it themselves, but often the view of an independent, qualified professional is helpful if you want to be sure.


Certified Body Condition Score Assessor


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